Welcome To Coaching Canines Dog Training


Is your dog jumping, barking, pulling, growling, or playing unfair? Is your puppy just not listening to you? If you need to create a better “team” relationship with your dog, we can help you change the game!

Coaching Canines offers the only professional dog training in the Rochester area that is based on combination reinforcement strategies. This proven obedience and behavior training method is reward-based and balanced with tailored techniques to match your dog’s individual personality.

We will teach you how to communicate effectively with your pet, so your dog clearly understands what you want and expect. We work with your dog on and off-leash, and then coach you to get the exact same results–fast and reliably. Dogs with obedience training from Coaching Canines listen better, learn quicker, and respond to you even when distracted.

Many of the dogs our dog trainers work with know most of their basic commands. But, like kids, dogs only listen when they want to listen—when nothing more interesting is happening.  We direct our coaching and training both to you and your dog.  We’ll teach you a proven, structured method to follow using specific techniques, exercises, tools and vocabulary.  We’ll teach your dog how to focus and listen to you in any situation.  Success depends on your special relationship with your dog and your two-way communication ability at both ends of the leash.

We will coach your family until you have the results you want. Together we will work towards turning your good dog with bad manners into a well-balanced family friend and companion. Take the first step with a comprehensive behavior consultation from a Coaching Canines dog trainer. We serve canine clients and their owners in the Rochester NY area including the communities of Pittsford, Brighton, Victor, and the surrounding region.